Don’t get caught without coverage

About 90% of all natural disasters in the U.S. involve flooding, and even if you aren’t in an area designated as high-risk, it’s still something to think about: According to FEMA, about 25% of all flood claims come from low- to moderate-risk flood areas. What should you know when it comes to flood insurance?


  1. You need a separate flood insurance policy. Standard property policies do not cover damage from water coming into the property from the ground, but it’s worth a reminder, so bear with us: Water coming into a home from the ground is called flooding and is not covered by a typical homeowner’s insurance policy, condominium unit-owners insurance policy, or other forms of property insurance policies. A separate flood insurance policy must be purchased to cover this peril. It would include water that seeps into the home from a heavy rainfall or as the result of a lake, ocean or river overflowing onto the property. In fact, typical property insurance policies do not include coverage for damage resulting from flood even if hurricane winds and rain caused the flood to occur. Without separate flood insurance coverage, you may have uncovered losses caused by flood. Please discuss the need to purchase separate flood insurance coverage with your insurance agent. Florida is surrounded by water, and flood insurance coverage is VERY important. And you need it well before that big storm, too—most policies have a 30-day waiting period for coverage.


  1. Flood insurance doesn’t cover all flooding. This insurance is for things like storm surges after a hurricane, or a massive rain event. If your dishwasher springs a leak, or your pipes burst after a deep freeze (yes, we know, unlikely here in Florida), this is not considered a “flood”. Flood insurance is for “rising water” which enters the home from the ground. However, your auto policy will cover your flooded vehicle if you have comprehensive coverage!


  1. You have more options than you think. The federal government is the most well-known provider of flood insurance, but there are private insurers as well.


Flood insurance can help you rebuild your home—and your life—after a catastrophe. Call 239-482-3040 to talk about your options.


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