Coverage for your toys and more

If you own cars and a home, you might also have an RV, boat, or motorcycle (or maybe all of the above—if that’s the case, we’d love to hang out). They have unique coverage needs, which is why they have specialized policies. Do you need insurance for your toys? There are a few things to think about, including one coverage nobody should be without.


  1. RVs, boats, golf carts, and motorcycles are different from cars. Your auto insurance policy might not be the right fit for these valuable assets. Your RV has a lot more unique features than a standard vehicle, and finding the proper coverage is important. Motorcycle riders often disregard the important need for insurance. However, they can be held financially responsible if charged with negligence in a motorcycle crash. Boats can be expensive, and they are at high risk for accidents and damage from weather-related disasters. Specialty policies have unique protections built in for the unique needs of each… Don’t forget your golf cart coverage! Home insurance and condo insurance policies also have strict guidelines and exclusions for golf cart liability and physical damage coverage.


  1. If you have a classic car, your auto policy isn’t right for that, either. Classic cars can be worth a lot of money—and usually, their high valuations are due to the desirability of the car and their irreplaceable nature. Standard auto policies might not be a “perfect fit” for your “perfect car”.


  1. Umbrella/Excess Liability Coverage. These policies go above and beyond your other insurance coverage’s liability limits. If someone were to injure themselves in your home, your homeowners policy has a maximum liability limit available to protect you in a lawsuit. But what if those costs were more than your policy covered? That’s when an umbrella kicks in. It’s a great safety blanket to have—and it’s fairly inexpensive, too.


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